High speed rail

High speed rail offers a once in a generation opportunity to transform the economic geography of the UK, support sustainable growth and international competitiveness. ANEC belives that it's essential that a new high speed rail network is developed in such a way as to maximise opportunities across the UK from the beginning, to ensure that whole nation benefits including the North East.

High speed rail presents a real opportunity to revolutionise the economy by bringing places and people closer together, with national and international markets. Research estimates that high speed rail could result in a £3.1billion productivity increase for the North East.

ANEC campaigns on behalf the North East's councils for the area to be linked into a high speed rail network of the future with the advancement of the eastern and western corridors in parallel to promote balance economic growth across the UK. It also promotes a whole network approach that encourages looking at HS2 as part of a long term strategy including improvements in conventional rail and the development of air service connections.

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