Transport and connectivity

Investment in transport to improve connectivity within and beyond the North East is critical to our economic development.

Effective road, rail, air and sea connections are all important in linking the North East to national and international trading partners and potential markets. They provide us with the opportunity to play a bigger role in UK growth and stimulate and grow our economy.

North East England is the most peripheral part of the country which makes it especially important that our transport infrastructure and connectivity with other areas is strengthened, connecting businesses with global markets and people with work opportunities.

The North East is an exporting area and stands apart from the rest of the country in consistently producing a positive balance of trade and exporting £13 billion of goods to every continent in the world.

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The 12 North East councils, through ANEC, make the case to the Government regarding transport spending that will benefit our area and contribute to national prosperity. ANEC also convenes stakeholder briefings relating to rail franchises relevant to the North East.

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