Supporting Young People into Employment

Supporting Young People into Employment Task and Finish Group Report - July 2014

Councils across the North East, individually and across Local Enterprise Partnership geographies, are actively engaging in activities to help address youth unemployment, promote job opportunities in their areas and support young people into work. The focus of a 6 month task group looked at:

  • The role of councils in working with the public, private and voluntary sectors to help give young people exposure to the world of work and to better equip them with ‘work ready’ skills, competencies and behaviours.
  • To identify opportunities for bringing industrial scale to those initiatives that we know have a tangible and successful impact on the ground in local areas.
  • The role of councils in supporting activity aimed at harder to engage with young people and in relation to those living in more challenging circumstances.
  • The role of councils in informing, shaping and influencing future policy on improving the employment prospects for young people.
  • The scope for councils to use ‘social value’ clauses in procurement procedures and practices to support the creation of jobs and apprenticeship opportunities in local labour markets particularly linked to areas of growth.
  • Opportunities for highlighting, raising awareness and sharing good practice – there is substantial evidence to underline that it is locally-led initiatives rather than national programmes that are delivering on the ground and supporting young people into employment.

The report makes a number of recommendations across 3 key themes:

- Promoting Work Ready Skills and Access to the World of Work
- The Role of Councils in Improving Educational, Work and Life Chances
- Removing Barriers for Young People with Challenging Needs and Circumstances

Priority Areas for Action are identified as:

  • Councils, LEPs and Schools North East to collaborate to deliver a North East Education Challenge to deliver a world class education and skills system.
  • Councils to continue to engage with successful VCS and private sector-led initiatives, such as the Esh Building My Skills model, and explore all opportunities for extending the scale of these across wider boundaries.
  • Local authorities to be a role model in delivering apprenticeships and, through the North East Purchasing Organisation, take forward the business plan for the delivery of a shared apprenticeship scheme for the construction industry in the North East.
  • Member authorities to work closely with the Voluntary and Community Sector to build strength of voice in areas in making representation on the particular challenges facing young people with higher needs and challenging circumstances.
  • ANEC to maximise all opportunities in the lead up to the General Election and in the first 100 days of a new Government to highlight the key issues for the North East, including funding, in relation to supporting young people into employment.
  • Member authorities to continue to engage with young people through councils’ youth forums, youth parliaments and organisations such as Youth Focus North East and to ensure that the voices of young people are at the heart of policy and decision-making.

View the full report at: Supporting Young People into Employment Task and Finish Group Report