Angel of the North

Cultural development

The Cultural Development Task and Finish Group was commissioned by ANEC members early in 2011, leading on from a successful cultural event held on 3 February 2011 which brought together people from across all sectors to consider protecting and enhancing the cultural offer in the North East.

The task and finish approach engaged the experience and expertise of elected members and it adopted a ‘select committee' style of contributions from a range of key partners and stakeholders.

Task and Finish Group members were drawn from across the political spectrum and each council enjoyed equality of weight in their contribution to the process which was inclusive and open.

The Group:

  • Assessed the national and local challenges regarding culture;
  • focussed on maintaining and growing profile and leadership in the cultural sector;
  • considered potential future funding and strategic management arrangements;
  • invited key stakeholders to contribute to discussion and debate, bringing external perspectives to support and enable local government to ‘drill down' into priority actions; and
  • developed a set of actions targeted at local authorities, partner organisations and the Government.

The review focussed on three key themes:

  • Leadership and advocacy;
  • sharing resources; and
  • improving linkages.

In November 2011, the Task and Finish Group published its findings. Their report received endorsement from the Leaders and Elected Mayors of the North East's 12 local authorities and there is clear political agreement that culture is integral to the economy and can contribute to making the region more resilient. Key findings include opportunities at a North East level and opportunities at a local level which would collectively enhance the North East's capacity on culture.

Read the report here.