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Task and finish groups

Councils have a fundamental impact on all aspects of life in the North East. Coming together through ANEC's task and finish groups, local government politicians on a cross-party basis investigate important issues for the North East.

In this way, the experience and expertise of elected members across the area helps to shape thinking and unite behind actions of the key issues facing councils. The process is rapid, time-limited, in-depth and non-bureaucratic.

Task and finish groups focus on outcomes. Their clear recommendations for action can include:

  • Identifying scope for working across local government and with partners;
  • identifying, disseminating and building on best practice;
  • getting key stakeholders to contribute to the debate and bringing an external perspective on issues;
  • developing advocacy positions;
  • recommendations targeted at local authorities, partner organisations and the Government; and
  • adding value and making a difference - reducing costs, creating efficiencies, achieving cultural change.

Each task and finish group report is presented to the Leaders and Elected Mayors for approval and then widely disseminated.

Recent task and finish group investigations include:

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