Skills, innovation and enterprise

Creating the conditions necessary for businesses to invest and grow as well as promoting enterprise, investment and the skills base to support economic development and regeneration is a key priority for local government.

We know that to be a more competitive force in the global economy, we must continue to build skills for the future. This includes encouraging more graduates from our world class universities to remain in this area, to become innovators and start up their own businesses.

Our councils are working together with the North East vibrant and thriving universities, businesses and the Government to ensure graduates have the skill levels needed to support a growing economy.

It is important that skills reflect current and future employment needs so we are working to cement strong connections between the 14 -19 skills agenda and the adult skills agenda. The focus is on the particular knowledge and skills relevant to the North East's key economic sectors. Young people are being encouraged to study science, technology and mathematics qualifications and manufacturing is promoted as an attractive career option for engineers and entrepreneurs.