North East England's local authorities work collaboratively on European engagement and recognise that leadership, co-ordination and facilitation can produce significant benefits.

They work with partners to strongly position the North East to influence policy, access available funding opportunities and offer support to those who are representing the North East's interests in Europe on key issues that will support sustainable economic development.

The councils are collaborating in harnessing knowledge, intelligence, resources and expertise with the aim of delivering benefits, including strengthening the North East's voice in Europe, achieving economies of scale and maximising available capacity and resources.

Focussing clearly on the priorities of local government and its partners, strategic leadership and direction are being provided by a strategic group comprising representatives from a range of organisations/sectors at the most senior level. This is supported by an operational group providing planning and strategic support with membership drawn from senior officer levels.

Work is focussing on taking forward the North East's strategic priorities in relation to European activity and developing a plan for accessing European funding through the various funding streams, strengthening relationships and communications with EU policy and decision makers and institutions and advocating on behalf of the North East.