Drawing down resources

We believe that all people across the country should be able to have access to good services no matter who they are or where they live. 

This is the reason why local government in the North East plays an important and active role in seeking a fair finance deal from the Government. Our work is aimed at securing resources for vitally important council services, from those available to vulnerable adults and children to those that support our businesses and the economy.

We recognised the need for the Government's review of local government finance and support mechanisms with the aim of greater financial autonomy, increased local decision-making and fairness. We believe it should also provide genuine incentives for all authorities to grow their economies, recognise variations between different areas, and be able to produce positive benefits that can be felt across the country.

Working collaboratively local government in the North East, through ANEC, provides data and evidence to the Government about how council services will be affected by different financial changes. We highlight the additional cost pressures facing the North East, including our ageing population, which is growing faster than the England average, higher levels of deprivation, child poverty and poor health compared with England averages.

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