A Case for Culture for the North East

The North East Culture Partnership (NECP) has launched the Case for Culture (C4C) project, which will set out an ambitious vision for cultural development in the North East over the next 15 years, informed and shaped by people living, working and creating in the region.

The Case for Culture will focus particularly on arts and heritage, also exploring important connections with tourism, sport and the creative industries.

It will imagine what the region’s cultural infrastructure – or ‘bricks and mortar’ – and programming could look like fifteen years from now, building on our strengths and all that makes the North East so distinctive.

The Case for Culture will be an important tool in helping to drive investment in culture in the North East, recognising the sector’s significant potential for growth.

It will look at what culture has to offer the region, considering the economy, health and wellbeing, sense of place and communities – as well as future ambitions for 2030 and what practical things are needed (over and above further funding!) to make this vision a reality.

The project is being guided by the C4C Steering Group, reporting to the NECP. Beamish Museum has been appointed to coordinate the project and manage the consultation processes.

Click here to read the full Case for Culture report (launched 29 July 2015)

Click here to read the summary document for the Case for Culture (launched 29 July 2015)

For further details please visit www.case4culture.org.uk