ANEC responds to the DCMS consultation on a new model for English Heritage

11 February 2014

The consultation proposes that a charitable arm will be established whose purpose will be the conservation and public enjoyment of the National Heritage Collection.

There will be no changes to English heritage’s current duties and responsibilities for championing, advising on and helping to conserve England’s wider historic environment.  These will be delivered under the new name ‘Historic England’.

Here in the North East, councils have greatly valued the engagement of English Heritage.  This has been very much aided by the direct presence of English Heritage in the North East. Whilst the consultation does not suggest that there will be an erosion in the nine regional offices, we have reiterated the importance of this relationship in the response and expect a continued North East presence with English Heritage continuing to provide well thought out challenge in its ‘critical friend’ role.

Read the full consultation response here