Angel of the North

Our commitment

The impact of decisions aimed at reducing the national deficit present challenges and opportunities for the whole of the public sector, not least local government and the communities it serves.

ANEC focuses on supporting authorities to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing people and communities in the North East and on helping them to fulfil their ambitions. We represent their views, act as an influential advocate for councils and promote their leadership role across all spheres of public life. We also ensure we are driven by knowledge, new thinking and we bring together the considerable experience and expertise that exists in the area, in an atmosphere of mutual support and co-operation.

Our commitment is to:

  • Influence national policy decisions and outcomes in the interests of the people of the North East;
  • present a coherent voice and consistent messages for the local government sector;
  • ensure that North East local government maximises its leadership role, both in this area and nationally;
  • advocate for resources, powers and freedoms to come to councils, including maximising opportunities for greater devolution to local government;
  • support member authorities during a period of unprecedented challenge, constrained resources and organisational change;
  • raise the profile of the role of councils, their positive impact on people and in communities, and to set out how they are responding to the changes that are happening in the sector;
  • add value to the work of member authorities by identifying areas and opportunities for collaboration and joint working in groups of councils to achieve efficiencies and economies of scale, and where appropriate to support their development;
  • support the sector in improvement, efficiency and productivity;
  • work closely with partners, including the Local Government Association, to secure our aims; and
  • as an organisation, continuously improve our effectiveness against a backdrop of tightening resources.

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