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The impact of continuing decisions aimed at Cllr Paul Watson
reducing the national deficit present challenges and opportunities for the whole of the public sector, not least local government and the communities it serves.

ANEC focuses on supporting authorities to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing people and communities in the North East, and helping them to fulfil their ambitions. We represent their views and ensure we are driven by knowledge, new thinking and bringing together the considerable experience and expertise that exists in the area, in an atmosphere of mutual support and co-operation.

One of ANEC's roles is to influence and advocate as local government makes the case for adequate resources to meet the needs of citizens now and into the future and we look to maximise opportunities for increased devolution, greater freedoms and flexibilities. These will enable the sector to deal with the challenges it faces and make the most of the economic, social and environmental opportunities as they arise. In working together where appropriate on the priorities set out in our Corporate Plan 2012-14 'Your Leadership, Your Voice, Your Influence',Leaders and Elected Mayors have agreed that the sector is stronger and can make a clear difference to people and businesses.

Councils can be justly proud in promoting the positive role that they play in improving people's lives. All make a significant contribution to quality of life and well-being in local communities and it will be increasingly important as councils face further budgetary pressures, to ensure that we articulate this and do what we can to secure a prosperous future for all.

The landscape is changing - the creation of Local Enterprise Partnerships, Combined Authorities, the impact of welfare reform, and the Government's intensive legislative programme covering a wide range of areas of public policy, are all factors influencing how and on what councils work together.

ANEC will remain committed, as a member-led organisation, to taking forward key priorities together and setting out ways of working that aim to be inclusive and effective, that will make a difference and add value.

Cllr Paul Watson
Association of North East Councils

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