ANEC full membership

Darlington Borough Council

Leader: Councillor WG Dixon (Lab) and ANEC Vice Chair
Councillor C McEwan (Lab)
Councillor H Scott (Con
Councillor NV Wallis (Lab)

Durham County Council
Leader: Councillor S Henig (Lab) and ANEC Vice Chair
Councillor J Armstrong (Lab)
Councillor R Bell (Con)
Councillor N Foster (Lab)
Councillor A Hopgood (LD)
Councillor A Laing (Lab)
Councillor C Marshall (Lab)
Councillor A Napier (Lab)
Councillor W Stelling (Ind)
Councillor B Stephens (Lab)
Councillor E Tomlinson (Lab)
Councillor M Williams (Lab)

Gateshead Council
Leader: Councillor MF Henry (Lab)
Councillor L Caffrey (Lab)
Councillor KM Dodds (Lab)
Councillor P Foy (Lab)
Councillor M Gannon (Lab)
Councillor J Green (Lab)

Hartlepool Borough Council
Councillor C Akers-Belcher (Lab)
Councillor Marjorie James (Lab)
Councillor Chris Simmons (Lab)

Middlesbrough Council
Elected Mayor: Mayor David Budd (Lab)
Councillor J Brunton (Lab)
Councillor CM Rooney (Lab)
Councillor Nicola Walker (Lab)

Newcastle City Council
Leader: Councillor N Forbes (Lab)
Councillor G Bell (Lab)
Councillor Nick Kemp (Lab)
Councillor A Lower (LD)
Councillor J McCarty (Lab)
Councillor S Powers (Lab)
Councillor Greg Stone (LD)

North Tyneside Council
Elected Mayor: Mayor N Redfearn (Lab)
Councillor JM Allan (Lab)
Councillor B Pickard (Lab)
Councillor M Green (Lab)
Councillor M Hall (Lab)
Councillor J O'Shea (Lab)

Northumberland County Council
Leader: Councillor Grant Davey (Lab)
Councillor PA Jackson (Con)
Councillor T Johnstone (Lab)
Councillor D Ledger (Lab)
Councillor B Pidcock (Lab)
Councillor HGH Sanderson (Con)
Councillor A Tebbutt (LD)
Councillor P Kelly (Ind)

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council
Leader: Councillor Sue Jeffrey (Lab)
Councillor Craig Hannaway (Lab)
Councillor Helen McLuckie (Lab)
Councillor Dave Walsh (Lab)

South Tyneside Council
Leader: Councillor I Malcolm (Lab)
Councillor R Dix (Lab)
Councillor AT Dixon (Lab)
Councillor A Kerr (Lab)
Councillor E Malcolm (Lab)

Stockton-onTees Borough Council
Leader: Councillor R Cook (Lab)
Councillor J Beall (Lab)
Councillor R Patterson (Ind)
Councillor N Stephenson (Lab)
Councillor D Wilburn (Lab)

Sunderland City Council

Leader: Councillor P Watson (Lab) and ANEC Chair 
Councillor RA Bell (Lab)
Councillor C Gofton (Lab)
Councillor J Kelly (Lab)
Councillor M Mordey (Lab)
Councillor H Trueman (Lab)
Councillor M Speding (Lab)

Councillor J Wallace (Con) - North Tyneside Council