How we work

There has been a representative body for local government in the North East for more than 25 years. We have enabled councils to come together during significant changes in resources and through the ongoing development of good public services.

Our members are at the heart of ANEC's decision making and policy development and we strive to reach consensus wherever possible. We listen and respond to a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives in shaping and informing policy positions. Our members lead task and finish groups that take forward policy development work and involve all the councils. 

We also organise seminars and events on topical issues, such as health, welfare reform, planning reforms, transport and the role of councils in economic development.

We convene and support a range of officer networks to facilitate collective working and develop thinking on policy. Key groups include the Regional Chief Executives Group, the Directors of Resources Group and the Assistant Chief Executives Network.

In 2014 the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) service was embedded as part of ANEC.

We host a number of partnership posts, including the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services regional coordinators and Climate North East.

Payments that ANEC makes that are over £500 are detailed below.  Also included are payments made on behalf of local authorities where ANEC facilitates collective action on behalf of authorities.

We redact the names of individuals where payments are made to them and we are required by the Data Protection Act to keep this data private.

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The North East Procurement Organisation and the North East Regional Employers Organisation are co-located with ANEC at the Guildhall, Newcastle upon Tyne.