About us

In the North East of England there are twelve local authorities who come together through the Association of North East Councils (ANEC) on issues that concern them all and the communities they serve.

Councils deliver hundreds of services that help people and their neighbourhoods thrive and that support economic development. Local government is a fundamental part of the fabric of places and communities. Through councillors elected by local people, accountability in local public services is promoted and those services are designed around local needs and preferences.

Our councils are:

  • Leading the way in re-modelling services to deliver high quality services
  • Flexible, innovative and adaptable to changing needs and circumstances
  • Working with and listening to local people to shape and deliver services
  • Strong and can be trusted to deliver.

All ANEC members are democratically elected cross-party politicians from across the twelve councils.

ANEC acts as a strong and coherent voice for our members and protects, promotes and supports their interests to make a real difference to the well-being of people living in the North East.

We make the case on behalf of the North East to the Government and other important decision-makers, within the country and internationally, across a wide range of key issues from funding levels, transport and health to culture and economic development. We also collaborate with partners and other sectors to innovate, deliver efficiencies and improve services.